What we do

Web Design

We create an amazing Website UI desing depending on Our customers need and interest.
We favour our customers interest.

Web Development

Grace Techinologies is dedicated to develop full packadge dynamic websites, including CMS.
our semi-dynamic website are the best and economic offer.


Our Engineering Team develop an amazing quality softwares for deferent companys to make there jop easer and increase productivity.
Idea Matters

Mobile Applications

Grace Techinologies is dedicated to develop full functional Android, IOS and Windows Phone applications as it needed.


Grace techinologies develop big systems for Hotels, Hospitals, Pharmacys, Cafe and Resturants, Stock management systems etc.

Help & Support

We are Very welcome as wells as happy to Help and support our clients in digital world. our main goal is to see our clinet to achive what they desire.


using our amazing skill of promotions and online marketing your business will never be the same again.

Digital Marketing

Try to use our digital marketing systems you will be proud of us.

Graphics & motion pics

With collaborations of Classic Films we creat an amazing films, logos,company brand etc.

We Give you 1 year free maintenace sevice and 5 year Waranty for all of our works.

Fun Facts

The Future is here, all the markets and the business is going online with easy touch, ordering online, get payed and deliver it.
we have helped thousands to be part of this and we are also looking forward to makes millions of people millioners.

Done Projects

Our Client Says:


As a team leader and Project manager I always make sure our team developed the perfect design of all times.

ulfata lemi, programmer

Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean.

mercy ayele , CEO

code is everything we have to do


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